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Each year the Martin STEM Academy Booster Club presents non-renewable scholarships to deserving seniors enrolled in the Martin STEM Academy through a competitive application process. Scholarships are of various amounts and will be sent to the college or trade school of the student’s choice. To be eligible for scholarships, students or their guardians must be a member of the Booster Club for all four years of attendance at the STEM Academy.

 STEM Scholarship Application is closed. Recipients will be announced at the Banquet on April 21. The Scholarship Application will reopen in Jan/Feb. 2025.

CONGRATULATIONS to our past scholarship winners!!

$250 scholarship recipients


Jordan Brown plans to attend the University of Texas at Arlington and major in Mechanical Engineering. Jordan stated, "Perhaps the most important thing I learned from being a part of the program is working as a team in my engineering classes to solve problems, think critically, and challenge myself."


Reid Griffin plans to attend the US Naval Academy or Dallas Baptist University


$500 scholarship recipients


Nathan Thompson plans to attend Wichita State University and major in Computer Engineering. He wrote, "The thing I liked most about the Martin STEM academy was the amazing teachers that were truly invested in our success and the life long friends I met.


Caden Peters plans to attend the University of Missouri and major in Mechanical Engineering. He said, "The thing I liked most about the Martin STEM Academy was the opportunity to grow alongside several other remarkable young men and women."


$1500 scholarship recipient


Chase Russo plans to attend Texas A&M University and study to become a mechanical engineer and one day hopes to design and update aircraft. He wrote, "The thing I found the most inspiring about the Martin STEM Academy was the support network provided through all of my teachers. During my 4 years in the STEM academy, my  teachers were always willing and happy to answer any question I had along with working to make sure I was pushed to reach my potential."


$3000 scholarship recipient


Macie Menard plans to attend The University of Oklahoma and study geology in hopes of becoming a paleontologist. In her words about the academy, "Perhaps the most important thing I learned from being a part of this program is that I can follow my passions, even if it means digging up dinosaur bones. . . the Martin STEM Academy has equipped me with the confidence I need to pursue my dreams."


$4000 scholarship recipient

Nicholas Abram plans to attend Howard University to study computer science to work in software development.


The $1000 Dr. Anita Kaplan Bahn Scholarship recipient is Dewey Saracay who plans to attend Northern Arizona University to pursue a degree in microbiology. Dewey wrote about the STEM academy, "I have loved being able to work with people who have the same mindset as me and who have pushed me to meet my goals."

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